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Principal Manager - Melvin Franklin

Principal Manger at MJR Capital Investment after spending 20 years in leadership within the Real Estate and Financial Services industry with some of the largest financial institutions in the world.  His Multifamily Investing career begin in 2019 by participating in four acquisitions and over 600 units.  Melvin is very active within the community through his nonprofit organization “ A Greater Purpose” where the focus is on providing workforce skills to the displaced and underserved community.  He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and two kids.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Louisiana Tech University and a Scrum Master certification from Scrum Alliance.

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Advisor - Corey Peterson

As the owner of Kahuna Investments, Corey strives to provide his investors with stable cashflow returns and long-term capital appreciation by buying multi-family apartments.  Corey has managed and acquired over $200+ million in real estate across the country.  He is the bestselling author of "Copy Your Way To Success, Standing on the shoulders of Giants" and host of the Multi-Family Legacy Podcast.  He speaks around the country on this subject including at Harvard and Nasdaq.  Corey is frequently featured on FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC affiliates.


Advisor - Shelly Peterson

Shelly focuses on investor relations, acquisitions and asset management of all current portfolio assets.  Her primary roles are sourcing investment opportunities and investor communication strategies and vehicles targeted to the investment community that accurately portrays the company's vision, performance and prospects.  Shelley graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Master's degree in Science.  Her strengths include an unmatched ability to quickly connect and communicate effectively to others.


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